Redditor Tries The Rock’s Diet And Training Program

2.3 lbs of cod every day is not for the faint of heart. As brave redditor nycballer points out in his epic two week update (he wants to go for 31 long, cod filled days), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s epic diet adds up to 430 grams of protein (that’s far and beyond the equivalent of 10 scoops of whey), 533 grams of carbohydrates and a pitiful 97 grams of fat. That’s not only dedication, that’s risking liver damage territory, unless you drink appropriate amounts of water to avoid a very real risk of dehydration.

So you’re probably wondering by this point where ten pounds of food end up going (apart from the toilet). The Rock’s training program adds 50 minutes of elliptical to each bone shattering workout. And that’s six times a week. We sure hope redditor nycballer has his foam roller at the ready on Sundays. He points out that one of his biggest challenges was boredom when practically living on the elliptical. To combat this, he chose to reach for “podcasts and audiobooks! Music just doesn’t hold my focus for that amount of time. I also feel like I’m getting smarter and bettering myself in the process.”


Not only do you have to somehow manage to ingest 10 pounds of food in seven sittings every day, you’ll have to be able to afford that kind of lifestyle as well. nycballer writes that he spends 18 dollars on cod alone, a day.

But more importantly, as he points out, his biggest takeaway from the experience so far is the fact that he can make bigger progress, avoid hitting plateaus and have more energy by simply increasing his daily caloric intake. He writes “makes me realize I definitely haven’t been eating enough, and that sometimes your body needs high glycemic carbs (something I’ve avoided for years).”

But if there’s one thing that is most likely to astonish you is the fact that he has reported no weight gain. You heard that right, folks. Eating over 5,000 calories a day but training hard can cause you to not put on a single pound. nycballer did note however that that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not putting on muscle. “But I’m noticeably building muscle while getting leaner.”